My name is David C. Corval

I'm 45, I live in Paris and I am a writer.

I decided to make this website & vlog to get in touch with the fans. It represents a lot of additional work, but it also pushes me forward, motivates and encourages me, plus I find it quite fun to do.

I'm sharing my life as an author ; how I write, my progress and my dilemmas, my influences, my collaborations for translation and illustrations, every step I take towards my books releases and even further as the series will grow.

From time to time I need to get away from work. I usually go out in Paris to explore the City of Lights, meet people, make new friends, and I'll make videos about this too. Same goes when I'm travelling since my work follows me everywhere.

More about me

I started my career as an online producer, making hundreds of websites for big name companies such as Disney and Sony.

I then created  my own online games company (called Nevrax) in 2000, to build and publish a massively online game called "Ryzom". The game launched in 2005, and I retired from the gaming industry to start writing.

I worked on several t.v. series, sold a few concepts but it wasn't very satisfying. I liked the writing part though, and really wanted to go on building worlds and epic stories.

10 years later and much, much, work I'm finally happy to announce "Anthalys," my upcoming epic Science-Fantasy book series!


I enjoy travelling, being curious and meeting other artists. And I also enjoy photography very much (when I get the time). Here is a place where you can see my work as a photographer.

Visit my photo galery on Smugmug

New to the site?

• Homepage : all about the latest vlog entries and my current writing stages.

• Anthalys : get familiar with the book series I'm currently working on.

• Articles : engaging articles on all things, Science Fiction and Fantasy. From the history of these genres, to the specifics of what makes them great, and everything in between.

Simple Rules

• Use the pink Feedback button (to the left) to submit favorites ideas that you'd like  to see  covered here.

• Play nice in the comments : nothing offensive, no bashing and no personal disputes.

• Report abuses : this is a place where everyone should feel welcome. Newbies as well as experts. No one should feel rejected or abused, so please report any inappropriate behavior using the pink "Feedback" button hovering at the top-left of the screen.

• Have fun and share : we hop you enjoy yourself, and we hope you'll share the good times with your friends!

Thank you for visiting, have fun and take care! This is going to be fun!


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