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Anthalys is a Science Fantasy book series by David C. Corval and Alexis Aubenque. An absolute must If you like epic stories and fantastic worlds filled with strange beasts, and even stranger technologies.

This epic series takes place in a world that only a game designer could have imagined. Rich and imaginative, Anthalys is a journey through a place like no other. Here, the plants are as dangerous as the animals, and the spirits of nature seemed to have turned against man; but the people are the most dangerous of them all.

Political intrigue, deadly plants, and gigantic-spider transport: these are only a few of the wonderful things waiting for you in the wild world of Anthalys.

Anthalys will  be available on Kindle this fall. In the meantime, news and updates will be posted here.

Anthalys Presentation

Series Presentation

Anthalys Anthalys is a wild world, dominated from the inside out by its intricate and deadly plant life. Trees grow ... Read More
Anthalys Origin

Anthalys Origin

I started Anthalys because my friend, and co-author, Alexis Aubenque pushed me to it. That would be the inciting event that ... Read More


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