Every Change Begins with Fantasy

The World is full of amazing things when you stop to look around. The mysteries and wonders of existence have long captured the imaginations of people, inspiring them to great actions. From past to present, these actions build on each other in a process of constant change and advancement. But what happens before these actions?

Anything humanity has ever created began with an idea or a question. When people allow fantasy to play a role in their thought process, they open themselves up to seeing the world in a whole new way. 

Fantasy and imagination allow people to safely create something new without suspending what they know. Without it, seemingly impossible dreams would never see the light of day

Every Change Begins with Fantasy

If all new ideas took to get off the ground was a little imagination, we’d have flying cars in a Utopian society by now. It’s not enough to have an idea, or even to entertain it for a while. You have to completely nerd out over it to create the passion that will see it through to reality. Burning questions that lead to change have always begun as a daydream that gave way to thought, but passion is what carried these throughts through to action. Without it, history would have been quite different.

  • Watching boats on the horizon would never have led to the difficult measurements and calculations that proved the Earth to be round. This opened the door to better navigation and the discovery of new worlds.
  • Paying attention to the subtle details of plant life, patterns, and shapes would never have gave way to Euclidean Geometry and major advancements in mathematics and Philosophy.
  • Structuring the world through thought began with religions. The need to question these ideas led to the different schools of philosophy, which gave rise to the different fields of science—including the medical sciences. It was the burning need to understand that led to questioning the old ideas, giving rise to the new ones.

Why Is it So Hard to Create Change?

Changing the way people see and do things comes with a great deal of thought, testing, and good, old-fashioned work. Without an enormous amount of excitement, people will likely quit before they figure it out. But this isn’t the only reason that change can be difficult.

Passion is a requirement to create something new because history has not always treated forward thinkers with kindness. In fact, these guys have been:

  • burned at the stake
  • drawn and quartered
  • thrown into dungeons
  • ridiculed into obscurity
  • castrated
  • or simply used by middlemen who took the credit and the money.

Great thinkers and doers represent change. People who hold power, or seek it, don’t look too kindly on change that cannot be controlled because it tends to upset the balance of things. But many great thinkers aren’t passionate about the power their ideas will give to them. They may be passionate about the power it will grant to all of humanity, but mostly they’re just excited by the discovery of something new.

Never Underestimate the Power of Nerding Out

Creativity, whether it is artistic, scientific, or something in between—is a way of engaging with life. It is the act of exploring what it means to be a human being sitting on this little rock floating around the vast expanse of space. Our need to understand goes hand-in-hand with our need to survive. The more we know, the better prepared we are to be true stewards of the Earth—and of each other.

We need nerds of every kind. Do you nerd out over modern auto-mechanics? Awesome, people like you are why we’ll soon have self-driving cars. Do you follow sports and coaching with zealous fervor? You are likely a master of strategy and action who could possibly reinvent the way we play games. Does ballet speak to you? Then tell us about ourselves through the beauty of your graceful movements through the world.

Never Underestimate the Power of Nerding Out Together

There is literally nothing that can surpass the potential of different thinkers nerding out over their passions together. When you put together the ballet dancer and the sports enthusiast, you get the field of kinesiology. This is the study of movement, and it has led to better sports, dance, and advancements in physical therapy.

Great thinkers don’t even have to get together, they simply have to admire and appreciate the work of others. For example, blending together Science Fiction and Fantasy created Science Fantasy. This is a genre where the differing worldviews of science and religion meet, and it works. After all, we wouldn’t have Star Wars if old-school Taoism hadn’t met up with an epic space adventure. We wouldn’t have Science Fantasy if someone hadn’t seen the value in both religious and scientific thinking.

While Science Fantasy stories tend to show the historical struggle between science and religion, they also become a safe space where we can explore both ways of thinking. When nothing is truly at stake, it’s easier to accept the possibility of something that doesn’t seem to immediately fit within your perception of how things are.


History Is Sending a Message

Given the great number of advancements made by people willing to be burned at the stake for an idea, it seems that human history is desperately trying to tell us something: nerding out is important. The rise of geek chic is a sign that we’re getting the message, but that doesn’t mean we should take every great idea or discovery at face value. Questioning new discoveries and what they mean is how people find what makes them nerd out.

This is part of why Facebook and the internet have so much more potential than people realize. It’s easy to engage on Facebook, and we really have no way of knowing what amazing and wondrous new things might arise from this sharing of ideas and creativity.

But it takes more than clicking a like button or sharing a post. If an idea excites you, can you muster the passion and courage to follow it to wherever it leads? Are you one of the ones who will not only fantasize about a new world, but who will also do what it takes to make Science Fiction and Fantasy into reality?

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