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World builders is simple, and not about big donations. It's about all the little things adding up to something big, and every donation has a meaningful impact on people's lives.

It just works, and here's how.   |   Patrick Rothfuss Blog

World builders : Geeks Doing Good

Worldbuilders is a charity created by Patrick Rothfuss in collaboration with Heifer International.

If you're new to this little party, here's how it works. Anything you donate goes to Heifer International. They get all of it. And, for each $10 you donate, your name goes into the hat for a chance to win thousands of prizes. It's a big hat too, with prizes including signed or rare books, awesome games, collectibles, and other geekery donated by their lovely sponsors. Geeks like yourself,  doing good. The man who started this whole ball rolling 8 years ago also brought us the beloved Kvothe: Patrick Rothfuss.

So, go buy a goat ($120) for someone. That will provide an invaluable resource to a community, and net you 12 entries into the lottery. Give the gift of a Women's Self-Help Group ($72) and you're entered 7 times. Your donation might win you a cool prize, but it will definitely help feed a family, send kids to school, or give a village sustainability.


There are lots of ways to participate. Auctions will post every Thursday night, full of specialty geek items. They add new lottery items almost every weekday. And, as the donations rise, the Stretch Goals will keep flying!

So, go forth and share with your friends, family, office, and fandom. Buy some bees ($30), or send a girl to school ($275). No matter what you do, you’ll be helping to improve the lives of people all around the world.

Together, we can do some serious good. Check it out, this is money well spent!


PS : This really is about helping. The website doesn't earn anything from your donations.


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