Patrice Garcia

Without knowing his name, many people are already quite familiar with some of the fabulous artwork of Patrice Garcia.

Garcia is the concept design artist behind some major films and stories from the last decade, including the latest Luc Besson film; Valerian. The 5th Element, Arthur and the Invisibles, and Underworld are only a few of the popular titles that benefited from the work of this magnificent artist. He's also worked within the video game industry and was a key designer for the MMO Game "Ryzom".


Garcia is a magnificent artist precisely because he has such a wide skill-set. Drawing, painting, illustration, and animation: this artist has lent his hand to creating comic books, movies, video games, and more with his fantastic concept art. Enjoy!

France (1964)  |  Imdb   |   Official Website

Fantastik Artist

I have known Patrice for some time now. First met him when I was working for Gaunt (French movie company), where Patrice had been working as a concept artist with Luc Besson on the Fifth Element. Extremely kind, Patrice was always very open regarding his work and curious about what we were doing on our end (websites, which in 1999 was still a matter of wonder).

Later on, I was lucky enough to get him onboard our team of lead designers for Ryzom, the MMORPG we were just beginning to design. You will find a lot of his drawings for Ryzom right here below, but he has produced even more for very well known movies and he always brings something new with his concepts. Ideas, angles, points of views and of course his unique style that sends you straight out to this marvellous place of dreams and wonder.

Today, I'm once again very lucky to be working with him on my illustrations for Anthalys, my up-coming epic which will be released here. You can already peak at a few corners of his latest images for Anthalys, but the full illustrations will only be released this fall when Anthalys comes out.

In the meantime, we'll cover his concepts for the latest Luc Besson movie : Valerian coming out next July.

Enjoy, and don't hesitate to leave your impressions and praises in the comments!

PS : Thank you for everything Patrice, you are one great soul!

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