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The Wonderful World Wide Web

The internet is a simultaneously wonderful and terrible place. It reflects the best and worst of humanity, along with everything in between. Being a relatively new resource, we’re still learning about the true potential of the world-wide web.

And what potential it has. Kickstarter alone is completely changing the face of the world.

Using the Internet to Teach

For a very long time now, academics have essentially held information hostage. They didn’t mean to. It was really an accidental kidnapping. As different disciplines advanced in their understanding of things, they became more narrowed and focused. Complicated language arose within every discipline as a means of accurately expressing new ideas as they grew. Because of this, new understandings are not easily available to people who do not seek higher education. This doesn’t mean these people aren’t intelligent, it simply means they haven’t been trained in the language.

The internet is changing all of that. Here, we have a space where people can totally nerd out over their interests. And there’s one thing about nerds: we love to explain things.

We. Love! It.

And that shows, because there are a ton of websites that are almost solely devoted to explaining complicated ideas in a simple way. Match, science, social science, welding, how to build a house, how to make flowers out of jolly ranchers. Okay, so that last one wasn’t relevant, but it’s still neat!

There is nothing you can’t learn if you have the time, dedication, and access to the internet. If we can keep this going, there’s no telling just how intelligent we could become. If we can continue to learn, and to grow together, there is really no telling how far we could go.

Isn’t that wonderful?

To date, innovative campaigns have brought us electrical outlets that plug into the ground and draw energy from plants, virtual reality headsets, helicopters powered by humans, and all sorts of amazing technologies. Honestly, kickstarter is an amazing place for a Scifi writer to gain new ideas …

The Wonderful World Wide Web

The internet’s potential goes a lot farther than new technologies. Much like television, the internet gives us a window into new worlds. It allows us to share in experiences with people who may be very different from us. It’s the world’s first transcontinental meeting ground, and it uses every facet of media as a means of communication.

The reason this works out so well is precisely because the internet is new. The rules are still being written, and that means there’s a lot of room to play around with them as they develop. This can be good and bad. There’s a lot of misinformation on the internet, and there’s even more hate. There’s also a growing movement of people who use this space for good. These people teach, create, fight bullies, and keep an ever-vigilant eye towards how they can use virtual space to create a new reality.

Creatives on the Internet

It has never been so easy to get your work out there as a creative. Inventors, writers, designers, innovators of all kinds can create a platform to share and sell their work. While it is still a struggle, nothing good is accomplished without hard work, there are more opportunities available to innovators than ever before.

If you have the drive and stamina, you can realize any vision. You can find everything you need to know to get from point A to Z. You can find support, partner with people from around the world, and sell your work from an international platform—all with the click of a button.

The Walls Come Down

The internet is causing the walls that separate us to come crashing down. It offers a feeling of anonymity that helps people express ideas that they may never have given voice to. Discussions and dialogues open up and, while this isn’t always pretty, it is how real change happens.

And we determine the nature of that change by how we use the internet, and by how we think about it. Much like television, the internet gets a lot of bad press. But there’s so much good on the internet. If we were to focus on that more often, maybe we would see it grow.

So, if you’re interested, the following list of websites are amazing examples of just how wonderful the world-wide web can really be:

No longer are thinkers and innovators bound by the confines of what institutions deem to be important. If you need funding for your invention, you can find it. If you want to publish your book, you no longer need to get an interested publisher. If you want to sell your paintings, you don’t need to convince a gallery that they’re worth it.

Amazing Websites from Around the Web

  • IFLS: A website devoted to sharing news from different fields of science.
  • XKCD: A web comic that seeks to explain math and physics in a fun, humorous, and relatable way. The creator of the site also wrote a book entitled Thing Explainer, which is devoted to explaining complicated things in a simple way.
  • The Great Courses Plus: A site devoted to sharing documentaries on every subject, delivered by notable and known thinkers. It has a monthly subscription cost that is definitely worth it!
  • Good.Is: A website devoted to exploring the projects and minds of people who do really amazing things in the world.
  • Lifehacker: A site devoted to making your life easier by exploring new ways of thinking and doing.
  • Edutopia: A virtual community for people who are passionate about education.
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