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Hi! My name is David C. Corval and I'm a writer.

I made this vlog to share what I do, and how I do it. Plus have fun! I am currently working on an epic fantasy book series called "Anthalys".

Releasing a book series truly is an adventure. I'll share as much as possible : my ups and my downs, my methods and my encounters as I write, edit, translate and illustrate Anthalys.

Thank you for stopping by!


Current tasks :

  • Anthalys Book I : re-writes based on edits.
  • Anthalys Book II, Part 1 : first draft being edited.
  • Anthalys Illustrations : working with Patrice Garcia.

Next tasks :

  • Anthalys Book I : final translation from French to English.
  • Anthalys Book II, Part 1 : first translation  from French to English.
  • Anthalys Cover : with Patrice Garcia.


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Entry #01 : Welcome to Fantastik Worlds

By David CORVAL | May 8, 2017 | 0

Hi! My name is David, and I am an author in the Fantasy genre. Fantastik Worlds is my vlog where I like to share what I do and how I do : writing epic book series.…

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  1. DavidCorval on March 11, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    Hello and welcome to Fantastik Worlds!
    This place has been designed to share our passion for Science Fantasy, Science Fiction and Fantasy. We’ll be posting new articles and new favorites each week, along with our Facebook feed, to share and have fun. This thread is open for you to chat together with us, and you can either use this, or the pink button on the left side, if you have any suggestions regarding articles and favorites. Have fun, and thank you for stopping by!
    David & April

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